Overall costs continue to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind.   Adjusters want to know projected costs so they know how much will be charged back to the file. Plaintiff attorney also want to know what costs will be, and defense attorneys need a cost estimate prior to seeking approval from their clients.

To best address these cost concerns, LNC’s should be able to adjust costs and hours to meet YOUR needs.  The LNC should be flexible with cost projections and hourly fees.  As a consumer of medical-legal services, don’t be afraid to ask for creative ways to address these cost issues.

At MKC we have created a suite of LNC products to address needs at any level!  These products are designed to address the smallest increment of time/function to the more traditional LNC products which bill by the hour.  For instance MKC offers a product that provides a quick scan of the available medical records.  This early intervention will help the attorney and/or adjuster to understand casualty and damages AND provide a vital piece of understanding, so strategies can be implemented at the onset.

So what to do?  Embrace the available LNC role/medical record review and be creative in how you best utilize the available services. Remember the old idiom- In for a penny, in for a pound? Well in this case that does not necessarily hold true!  You can actually use LNC services in a cost conscious manner, by selecting specialized products. Use products that free up your time AND provide a useful end result.