When I was in Seattle recently, I met with my law firm friends and colleagues in ALFA International.  ALFA is a premier network of independent law firms, and MKC is a proud corporate sponsor.  The focus of our Seattle session was medical-related insurance claims, litigation and emerging issues in the hospitality and retail sectors.

One of the high points of my visit to Seattle was my time in the city’s beautiful and poignant Garden of Remembrance.  It’s a deeply moving tribute to the 8,000 women and men of Washington State who died in military service in all wars since 1941.
The sacrifices men and women make for this country is staggering to me…and, sad to say, often forgotten.   I sometimes “hear” their voices in my head.  Voices I never forget.
I am in New Orleans today and have gone to the TRULY amazing National WWII Museum in that city.  The WWII museum has such detailed work about various campaigns, social issues,  enemy propaganda and the heart-breaking sacrifice of soldiers and civilians.  It, too, is worth a visit…to remember and never forget.

In the time we were together, I heard a couple recurring themes.  The first was how ALFA’s members and clients could use help better understanding and analyzing medical records associated with complex insurance claims and difficult litigation.  The other issue that often surfaced was the increasing need for bill audits performed by qualified medical professionals with insurance claims experience.

I’ll work on writing a post about bill audits and get that on our blog and LinkedIn page.  Meanwhile, I’m heading to New Orleans to meet with a company with bottom-line concerns about medical issues.