I was delighted to join my Skyline Group friends, colleagues and fellow sponsors in late August for dinner and discussion.  We met in Alpharetta, Georgia, and the topic was workers comp claims.  Other attendees included adjusters, attorneys, and medical providers.

The August 2019 Skyline meeting and its diverse attendance underscored the importance of workers comp to our corporate healthcare bottom lines, a priority for MKC’s clients in all of our markets throughout North America.

This recent Skyline Group discussion reminded me of a blog I posted almost two years ago, Six ways to help aging workers stay on the job.  Here’s an excerpt from this post that’s just as relevant today:

How can employers help? Through innovative programs. Here are six options. Read more in our recent article at Property Casualty 360.

      • Launch wellness programs and encourage participation. Make sure they address the needs of your older workers and encourage healthy lifestyles.
      • Offer ongoing workplace physicals. If health issues crop up, an employer may be able to make changes to job duties.
      • Project costs based on an older worker’s ability to recover. Keep in mind that older workers may take more time to heal from a surgery or setback and could need extra therapy.
      • Create a committee to discuss all older workers’ claims early on. Quick referrals to the right medical doctor, along with more regular follow ups, may be in order.
      • Evaluate potentially protracted losses. This depends on the job, but they need to be done early by nurses at a local clinic or through case management.
      • Let them mentor: If older workers can’t physically get back to work, consider letting them take a leadership or mentoring role, which could reduce loss time and worker’s compensation payments.

After all, older workers bring much more than achy backs to the job. They offer a wealth of experience and knowledge and are playing big roles in today’s offices and job sites.

I welcome your thoughts, best practices, and other take-aways on WC…or anything else.  Give me some bottom-line topics or issues that you’d like for me to explore in writing.



PS:  The Skyline Group was founded by a group of veteran, state-based law firms and legal professionals united by the principle that small is beautiful. According to Skyline, “We are dedicated to providing clients with personalized attention from knowledgeable specialists, giving you the best chance of a successful outcome.”