Now that the LNC “punch list” has been completed, a LNC “plan” can be developed.  The LNC plan is the specific LNC product for your needs and file.


The LNC “Plan”

  • The plan is variable depending on your requirements, and is the “what” of the plan.  Do you need an expert, a chronology, assistance with discovery, deposition questions, billing issues? Is causality or liability the issue? Are there missing documents? A competent LNC can help with all of these, and thus create an individualized action plan. The plan can be a report/review, telephonic consultation, medical expert search, etc.
  • How do the medical aspects of the file fit together to impact your file?  Understanding the “how” will drive and influence the other components of your plan.  The plan develops within the chosen product.
  • Once the “what” and “how” are determined, then your time frames can be implemented accordingly.
  • By choosing to use/consult with a LNC, you are maximizing your time and money. Remember the LNC punch list and plan should be exclusive to your needs as the client!  The product should not be a “cookie cutter” product.  You now can move forward with your claim or file in the most knowledgeable and cost effective way possible.  By consulting with someone (like a LNC) that understands both medical and legal issues, and how they affect your claim or file, you will have a better understanding of your case and better control of the file.

    The medical aspects of a case or file are what often drive its cost; understanding those aspects only helps you to be more effective in your resolution efforts.  Consider a LNC as your project manager!