The LNC Punch List


When we do anything in life, we look for a person, persons or company BEST equipped to help us with our project or need.  If you are trying to determine the size, cost or practicality of a job, you “consult” with that entity. That person/company provides you with a wealth of information about your project before you even start.  You receive a “punch list” of costs, materials, timeframes, etc.  After you have received punch list, the contractor then provides you with a “plan” for the project. That contractor has just provided you with new and beneficial KNOWLEDGE about your project. Remember that old saying… “Knowledge is POWER”. You now have the power to complete your job in the best possible way; knowledge to determine where and how to start; and knowledge to bring resolution or accomplish specific goals.


This method or philosophy also holds true for Legal Nurse Consulting (LNC). Medical issues and their influence on insurance and legal matters are complicated.  To best understand the medical details and how they affect a case or claim, a LNC is your project manager. He/she will develop a customized “punch list” and a “plan” for you!


Step one- Identify the basic needs and issues of the case/file.  This is the “punch list” for the case/file. 


LNC “punch list”:

·         Screen for merit- causality and relatedness issues

·         Review/comment on alleged damages

·         Liability/negligence issues

·         Determine the providers and any missing documents

·         Economics


Critical information has just been identified in the punch list. The initial punch list provides you with a brief understanding of the basics of your case/file and working knowledge of how to proceed.  The punch list allows the LNC and client to expand the needs of the case in to a formalized plan.  Now you can move on to the LNC “plan”.


Next week… The LNC Project Manager: Part 2 – The LNC Plan