I was delighted to get a note in the mail recently…a gesture that came with several reminders about how we communicate effectively with one another.  The handwritten note was a personal thank you for the chapter I contributed to the fourth edition of Legal Nurse Consulting Principles and Practices.

Here’s what that little, hand-written, personal note said to me…and the lessons it offers to all of us:

  1. A personal gesture demonstrates that someone cares.  It’s easy to merely assert that I care…and a lot more valuable to actually show it.  So, if I’m trying to say that a relationship is important, then I’d better make it personal.
  2. A tangible note gets noticed.  You and I get dozens — maybe hundreds — of calls and emails every day.  A personal note received in the mail cuts right through this digital clutter.
  3. I’ll remember this note.  How many emails can I say that about?  It touched me.
  4. I get hired because people trust me.  My technical credentials aside, they’ll trust me more when I show that I care about them and their problems.  I’ll show them that I care when I make it personal.

Bottom line?  The more personalized the communication, the better.