Nurse case managers remain a critical part of the health care system.

Case managers remain an integral part of the health care system. They oversee and interact with patient treatment plans, as well as offering assistance, guidance, and education. While their role holds great importance, confusion surrounds the profession for many and standards have appeared remarkably vague in the past.

A new movement has begun in the healthcare system, pushing for case managers to become board certified.  Certification will help to remove the mystery surrounding the occupation and install a clearly defined standard of quality- an important and crucial step. Because certified case managers must meet such a high bar of excellence, the trust and confidence placed in them will naturally increase.  Especially in the midst of a changing health care system, it proves important for those in authoritative positions to clearly understand what case managers actually provide to the people in the health care system, and how board certification can help them do it better.

For some groups more than others, such as those on Medicaid/Medicare, this awareness has become critical.  The confusion and difficulty encountered while navigating the health care system can leave underprivileged individuals or those on fixed incomes in a dangerous situation.  Board certified case managers will provide an indispensable resource for those in need of assistance while moving through the health care system.

The enormous value of board certification for case managers has become obvious. As the need for these capable individuals’ increases, the number of case managers seeking certification will hopefully rise in response.  Awareness of the value board certification holds as well as encouragement by employers, policy makers, and healthcare providers will help make this goal a reality.  To read more about board certified case managers and their important role in the future of health care, check out Barbara Johannsen’s article here.


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