At a time when remote appointments are often preferred to in-patient visits, the tele-visit has taken on greater significance.  So has the value of the nurse, a role that increasingly provides even greater efficiencies, responsiveness, and earlier assessment.

This heightened attention to nurses and telemedicine is why I was invited to be interviewed by Claims magazine, a top-tier publication for lawyers, claims executives and others in the healthcare space.  I’m pleased to report that my interview was recently published as part of the cover article in the July/August 2020 issue.

Here’s a quick sample of the Q&A I had with the author of the “The Rise of Telemedicine in Workers’ Comp,” Patricia L. Harman:

Claims magazine:  How does this process benefit an injured employee and their employer?

Kari Williamson:  I think early assessment and triage would be very helpful.  The early assessments allow for the employer to assist with management and initiate internal protocols.  It also sets a positive rapport between employer and employee that they are  working together towards recovery.

Additionally, if the injured worker is on the recovery end of things (and with no complications or problems), he would be able to follow up with the provider in a convenient format with potentially little lost time from the job.

Overall health costs would be significantly less with the effective use of telemedicine.  The impact of patient travel is a concern we’ve covered in our blog; for example, in workers’ comp claims.