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We’re a team of highly-credentialed and experienced, multi-disciplinary professionals led by Kari Williamson, regarded nationally as a leader at the intersection of medical and legal issues.

A Photo of Kari Williamson, the owner of MKC Medical Consulting smiling warmly in her office.

Kari Williamson, RN, BS, LNCC, CCM

Kari founded MKC Medical Management in 1995 to help lawyers, insurance adjusters and others in the medical-legal space better understand the facts of complex medical claims and disputes, whether litigated or not.  She has nearly 30 years of nursing experience.  This includes her work as a staff nurse, independent case manager, insurance company rehabilitation nurse and independent legal nurse consultant.

Before she started her own business, Kari earned a bachelor’s degree in science and an associate’s degree in nursing.  Her clinical experience includes staff positions at a level-one trauma center, city hospitals and community-based facilities. In addition, Kari has Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, Certified Case Manager, Catastrophic Case Manager, Pre-Certification Nurse, various Medical Legal consulting and other non-acute experience and credentials.

The Team

Under Kari’s leadership, MKC Medical Management has grown from one nurse to a seamless, nationwide network, helping clients master the surgical, pediatric, orthopedic, trauma and other medical issues that are entwined in most records.  The Registered Nurses on our staff have extensive experience with intensive care, trauma, burns, orthopedics, neurosurgery, general and plastic surgery and rehabilitation services.  Our associations with other licensed professional include all medical specialties.


While MKC Medical Management is a well-established corporation, we operate as a virtual company, with members of our team working from remote locations nationwide.  This way, we give our clients more value instead of spending your money on overhead.

Value to clients

“As a practicing attorney who handles personal injury cases, I understand the importance of working with only those individuals who have proven themselves knowledgeable in the medical profession and who have demonstrated that they possess the necessary ethical qualities.

While working with our firm, Mrs. Williamson has shown herself to be extremely knowledgeable in her field and she has assisted us in resolving challenging medical issues in a relatively short time frame. She has not only demonstrated that she has outstanding analytical skills, but she has also shown the ability to promptly resolve medical issues while remaining composed and professional.” — Attorney