Helping business people understand complex medical records and information

MKC Medical Management is a team of highly trained, experienced, and credentialed professionals who help bottom lines throughout the U.S. Here are the major services we provide:

Bill Audits

MKC Medical Bill Review’s billing experts protects employers ­­ especially those in the marine sector ­­ against paying for un-related health care or overpaying for treatment of a covered injury or illness, providing fast resolution of claims, expert bill review, negotiation and meaningful medical cost containment.

Medical Legal Services

MKC Medical Management’s legal nurse consultants have been helping attorneys and claims representatives with complex, medically-related cases for over 30 25 years. Our staff provides clearly written report analyses that get right to the scientific truth of a claim or dispute. We’ve earned a reputation for reliability and credibility. We build client relationships through a team approach, while each attorney and adjuster receives the benefit of individualized, experienced legal nurse consultant input.

Life Care Planning & Medical Needs Assessments

When large loss, elder care, or catastrophic claims require assessment and evaluation, the MKC life care planners provide the necessary documentation and analysis of future care needs and appropriate care and costs.

Medical Desk Reviews and Physician Experts

Many personal injury cases have complex issues that require physician-level insight. MKC’s strategic partnership with Elite Medical Experts provides immediate access to leading university healthcare experts in every specialty and state. MKC also accesses MD Guidelines© and OD Guidelines© for treatment, LOS and coding issues.

Field/Telephonic Case Management

Whether it’s through workers compensation or private pay, our certified case managers help resolve issues on all sides of the case. The result is a system that connects prudent and proactive case management with exceptional care. The MKC team has senior case managers who help individuals achieve their full potential from an accident or after catastrophic illness, catastrophic injury, short-term injury or illness.