I’m in Rogers, Arkansas, this week, joining my colleagues for the annual Arkansas Trucking Seminar, one of the industry’s premier business meetings.  MKC is pleased to be one of the seminar’s sponsors again, as well as an exhibitor.

In addition, I’ll be on a panel, “How Not to Be The Catch of the Day.”  This will give me an opportunity to raise many of the pressing, bottom-line issues that the trucking industry faces, such as: 

●      What the defense should be thinking about from the BEGINNING

●      Not losing sight of the FACTS

●      Data is King…especially objective medical points

●      Using medical and bill reviews

MKC and I are grateful for the relationship we’ve developed with the annual Arkansas Trucking Seminar in Rogers, Ark., and its founder, Christy Comstock. I’m especially pleased to be on a panel this year.  Let me or John Moberly [john@mkcmedicalmanagement.com] –­­ MKC’s business development VP –­­ know if you want a copy of my notes from my presentation.

MKC regularly handles tough, high-exposure motor vehicle accident-related bodily injury cases that threaten our clients; for example, complex cases made even more difficult because of missing medical records…and what to do about these red flags.

I recently visited with a trucking company in the Southeast for an informal conversation about how this business can better protect itself from costly insurance claims and litigation.  We discussed increased claims;  rising plaintiff demands, despite unchanged or similar cases; educating the claims team; bill review; and how understanding medical data points is imperative to the claims evaluation.

Let John [john@mkcmedicalmanagement.com] know if a chat like this sounds helpful for you and your business.