When dealing with dollars and the bottom line, proper litigation/claims tools is a must -not a frill! LNC/medical reviews are critical to the proper management of a case.  Why?  You are not only obtaining invaluable information, but you are also sourcing a specific LNC function or duty.

Adjusters, attorneys and paralegals alike wade through stacks of medical records, OR they will refer the case out to a pricey physician advisor. But is this the best way?  If you are not reviewing the medical records through the prism of a medical perspective how useful is it?  Or perhaps you are using a specialty physician advisor, but has that physician advisor looked at the records with a purposeful, broader view and gleaned additional, critical patient information? Either way you might not be spending your case dollars wisely.

By using a LNC to review medical records and create a chronology, add medical/LNC comments to an existing paralegal generated chronology, or helping to steer your physician advisor, you are MAXIMIZING everyone’s time and money.  You are also gaining important insight from a wealth of nursing and LNC experiences.

I once countered an attorney’s comment of “Kari, I can read a MRI report”, by replying “I understand that, but can you understand the report as a registered nurse or medical provider?”  I further elaborated and said “And more importantly how do the findings impact your case and casualty issues?  You need to look at the information with LNC glasses.”  He sent the records over and I was able to help by reviewing the records and creating an abbreviated LNC report.

Don’t waste your valuable time! Use the resources out there to help analyze, create AND understand your medical record.