You're either a hero, or a zero.

No matter how complex the case, or how involved the issues, the client ultimately sees only one face associated with the case overall — yours. He (or she) will agree to procedure suggestions.  He’ll understand, and even feel relieved, when you step in and make the choices as the case progresses.

Often burdened with anxiety and fear, the client sees you as his champion – a red-cloaked Caesar, battling alongside his troops.

But in the end, whether the judge rules in favor of your client, or the opposing counsel, they will place the burden of responsibility on you. Regardless of the details and unique circumstances, the burden or victory of the final case outcome rest squarely on your shoulders.

You’re either a hero, or a zero.

You see this every day

You know how the system works; it’s your bread and butter. You learn by observing the trends the court hearing your case follows. But to the plaintiff, or the defendant, typically a virtual outsider in the legal and court system, it all comes down to you. You act as the client’s personal task runner and information resource, regarding all matters before the court. You represent the entire system, in your client’s eyes.

You may not want the designation, but you are it to the client – for the entire process.

They see all witnesses as an extension of you

This includes any and all experts, experts and support staff that have even the smallest input into the outcome of the case.

All the witnesses

All the testimonies

All of the facts

Agreed to or not

Understood or not

Personally affecting the client

Or not

When the client views a single expert as less than favorable to the case, this perception frequently shines an unfair, critical spotlight on your practice. You hired the expert, consulted with him or her, and arranged for this expert to testify.

Opposing counsel’s expert witnesses, while completely out of your control, represent a potentially lethal variable that can damage the reputation of your law practice. Worse, expert witnesses, seen by your client and his circle of supporters as opposing counsel’s players—or bulldogs, threaten to discredit your ability to litigate for justice.  You can bet that word of mouth marketing will run in full swing and not in your favor, if the client’s associates, friends and even family lose faith in your performance in court.

Who the expert witness really represents

A Legal Nurse Consultant is part of the legal / insurance company team charged with digging deep into the medical records. She is charged with helping to dismantle opposing counsel allegations, derailing arguments and help prep/find experts – just to name a few functions.  All in an effort to win for the respective client — the professional LNC works to unravel and report the medical facts in an understandable, and defensible manner. LNCs will first review and validate the facts and events of the case for merit.

For the plaintiff attorney, should the LNC find the case lacking in merit, making it unlikely that their legal team will win, they have a fiduciary and moral responsibility to report their opinions to the lead attorney. Based on the analysis of the LNC, the attorney will then decide how (and if) to move forward with the case.

The detail and thoroughness of an LNC’s work product will support and enhance your arguments, thus giving you a superior view in the eyes of your client. For the most part, the LNC will function as a behind-the-scenes collaborator.  An experienced, responsible LNC can act in ways no other expert can — as an ally of your position, regardless of whether you represent the plaintiff or the defendant.

By employing LNC services, you have utilized a trump card, to better prepare your case against opposing counsel.

It’s the client’s case, but it’s your image

When all eyes, especially those of your client’s rest on you, it represents an opportunity to champion justice and end up the hero. The stronger the positive image, the less the chance your client has to formulate a negative image of you. Victory or defeat, the client sees only you.

Provide the best lens possible for outsiders to evaluate the legal team’s efforts, and, ultimately, you.



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