Everything (including understanding) is relative

Over the years I have fielded several requests from MKC clients who need help understanding medical terminology/conditions.   What is easily understood to a medical provider is usually not so simple to a non-medical or lay person – everything, including understanding, is relative.

So beginning with this post, I will be sharing information topics that have been requested (currently and in past years) by MKC clients. The topics will be client driven.  It is my goal to not only help my clients, but also the reader of the blog post.

This information request illustrates that there remains a clear need for ongoing learning and assistance to non-medical persons, even those persons who are involved with medical documentation on a daily basis; despite access to information on Internet.

I recently had a seasoned client say to me- “I have to Google everything”.  [He was referring to medical terms and information.]  You may also be experiencing the same sort of things.  If so, you know that researching medical information/terms/conditions is hugely time consuming, and often frustrating for a non-medical person.  

On a side note, not all information published online is accurate. When researching medical information make sure the source material is from a verifiable source.  Information presented in my blog will be from my own experience.  All sources used will be cited.

I hope you will benefit from the information provided in this ongoing series!