As business people, we know about the Whac-A-Mole syndrome.  Whether you’re a lawyer, an insurance claims adjuster, business executive, or another Legal Nurse Consultant, you and I know about competing priorities.  In order to succeed, we become masters of some version of that game we used to play with our kids.

I wonder, however, if we adequately convey this mastery to our markets.  Or, do we instead dilute our brand as trying to be all things to all people?  Do our clients perceive us as expansive and unfocused, always reacting to the next mole to pop up?   I saw the term recently, and it got me thinking…about our delivery of services, about branding our businesses and more.  It’s so descriptive of what health care professionals ­­ and, perhaps especially, nurses ­­ practice every day.  Maybe it’s in our DNA.  We triage, juggle, and focus our way through the demands of our work.

Do you play Whac-A-Mole, constantly reacting in the way you deliver and market your services to clients?  Or, do you have a 360-degree perspective and a clear positioning message that brands you as having greater value to your markets?

Legal nurse consultants take this even a step further.  It’s a given that nurses typically plod through the meds, eventually hammering ALL the little moles.  But top-level LNCs also have a 360-degree perspective that integrates medical science with the insurance claims process.  Here’s a passage from an article I wrote, “Top 5 Traits of a Great Legal Nurse Consultant,” published by the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, that explains this skill set and its value to businesses:

Many nurses think that just because they are nurses, they naturally understand the medicals and, therefore, the key issues of a claim or file. Nothing could be further from the truth. The medical facts and issues are just part of the picture. How those facts play out through the prism of a lawsuit or claim varies greatly.

In other words, LNCs tend to know where the next mole is going to stick its head out of the ground.  I wonder if adjusters and attorneys also look at cases and claims this way?

MKC has built its brand with this skill in mind.  Our logo and tagline — Claims Understood.  Solutions Delivered. — reflects the clear position we strive to occupy in our marketplace.  It speaks to the singular focus that leading thinkers like Great Jakes (a NYC-based web developer for the legal marketing space) advocate.  They recently wrote:

The goal of market positioning is to gain a sales advantage over your competitors by occupying a distinct and advantageous place in the minds of buyers. If done correctly, the dividends are huge.  History has shown that well-positioned brands—like Apple, Whole Foods, and Tesla—grow faster and have fatter profit margins than their poorly positioned competitors.

As an experienced Legal Nurse Consultant, MKC’s brand is focused on a core strength of ours that’s of maximum value to our principal, business market.  It’s what Great Jakes calls hard positioning, when a service provider “…clearly and explicitly communicates what it does, whom it serves, and what makes it different. This is the gold standard. Firms that can employ hard positioning have the clearest message ­­ and thus the greatest marketing advantage over their competitors.”  

We’ll leave playing Whac-A-Mole to others.