The Extra Mile

When functioning as a LNC or (anything else for that matter), going the extra mile pays off not only in creating the best possible work product, but also in helping to solidify business relationships and build overall trust.

As consultant, I often have to go beyond what was asked of me.  Sometimes a request comes in while I am “mid-stream”; other times I see a course change or new information that is valuable for the client, and yet that client may not be aware of it.  This new information often means doing more work than what the original assignment called for; and doing it in the same amount of time! But what is always required, is a willingness to be flexible, accommodating and quick to respond.  The client ultimately decides what will be done with the new information; but rest assured the dedication of going beyond the norm and expected, will ALWAYS benefit the client.

Some client benefits of going the extra mile:

  • Better work product
  • Improved trust/relationship between client and LNC
  • Useful, critical thinking/information that  adds value to the experience
  • Meeting deadlines that are imperative to a case

As a LNC I often start my day thinking how I will be stretched by a request or a curve ball?  Over the years, going the extra mile has helped me become a better LNC and business colleague to those who utilize my services. I have become very resourceful over the years and my critical thinking has been sharpened!  Good things for the client and me!

Tell me how a LNC can go the extra mile for you – post a comment!