It’s full-on Fall!  Tailgate parties, raking leaves and busy travel calendars…

MKC’s business development VP John Moberly was in Memphis, Tenn., October 10-12, for the annual convention of the National Truck and Heavy Equipment Claims Council (NTHECC).

I was in Raleigh, N.C., October 17-18, for the 10th Annual Legal Nursing Conference, sponsored by Juris Educational Resource Knowledge (J.E.R.K.).  I’m looking forward to connecting with my peers, including Claire Hull, RN, who’s presenting a paper, “Reviewing a Personal Injury Case to Derive the Best for Your Attorney Client.”

On October 23-25, I’ll be at the 27th TIDA annual seminar in Tampa, Fla.  One of the sessions that got my attention is “Commitment to Collaboration,” presented by Paul Greene, Canal Insurance Company, and Robert D. Boroff, Gallagher Sharp LLP.  They say, “It is no secret that some of the success of the Plaintiffs’ Bar can be attributed to their sophisticated networking practices.  Defense attorneys, trucking companies, and their insurance carriers have been reluctant to share information on the same level, which is counterproductive to the ultimate goal of reasonable and fair resolution of trucking claims.  The goal of this presentation is to provide an open forum so that we as an industry can identify ways we can better share information and collaborate.”

Finally, I’ll be co-presenting at the ACEA  (Atlantic Claim Executives Association) conference in Norfolk, Va., October 27-29.  Burton Bentley, MD, and I will be providing a claims-focused look at mild head trauma injuries (mTBI).  I’ll take a close look at several concussion-related claims, including:

  • What constitutes, etiology and typical causes of an mTBI?
  • How is an mTBI diagnosed, expected outcomes, facts?
  • What are the key medical data points in the med record?
  • How  cases  can be built and mitigated mTBI?

John Moberly, VP for business development at MKC Medical Management, at the annual convention of the National Truck and Heavy Equipment Claims Council (NTHECC). 



PS:  I’m also about to dive into a series of in-office lunch-and-learn programs for a key client!