John Moberly — MKC’s VP for Business Development — plans to be in Memphis, Tennessee, for the annual convention of the National Truck and Heavy Equipment Claims Council (NTHECC).  It’s October 10 through 12.

One of the sessions that has piqued John’s interest is a seminar to be led by Adam Brand, an attorney with Brand & Tapply, LLC, Investigating Suspected Fraud in Heavy Equipment Losses.  According to the conference agenda, “This session will focus on an overview of red flags, investigative techniques, policy requirements, and defenses in claims involving insurance fraud. This presentation will address the dos and don’ts for suspect claim investigations.” 

As John puts it, “More and more leaders in the insurance industry — including MKC’s clients and associates — are making dramatic changes in many areas of their business this year, such as fraud investigations.  Adam Brand’s NTHECC conference session looks to be an area where changes could help improve a business’s profit picture and bottom line.”

MKC Medical Management is proud to be a member of the NETHCC.  The group’s objectives include to “…promote safety in the ownership and use of trucks and heavy equipment and foster studies into the causes of highway accidents and ways and means of reducing the number of such accidents.”

My team deals with accident investigation issues every day.  Here’s an article from us about the importance of emergency department records in this context.  Let John know if you’d like to hear from him about his take-aways from the NTHECC sessions.