After 25-plus years in this industry, I’m convinced that we save our clients money. Just how much we save them, however, is something that takes time and right data to determine.   Your time and data.

That’s why MKC Medical Management has embarked on the process of reaching out to our client partners to confidentially gather certain pieces of claims data on cases we have been involved in.  The goal is to create a data-rich report that looks at both claims data and MKC data and how these together impact claims outcomes.  

So far, the results are GREAT and positive.  But we need more data.

How this looks

Of course, we always love to hear from our clients.  So, if you’re willing to share your time and data with us, I’d be delighted to hear from you. Consider yourself asked, with thanks in advance.

Otherwise, we plan to reach out to a few of you.  We intend to reach out to selected clients that can help us build a better case for the changes we are convinced need to be made in our industry.

Who are we interested in?

We work with the companies and insurers for which complacency and waste are our common enemies.  The clients which look at leaving money on the table as wasteful symptoms of a corporate death spiral…not something that’s just an inevitable, acceptable cost of doing business.

The bottom line

Based on my company’s years of experience, we have a pretty good sense of how to make an impact on the costs of claims…through education, training and follow-up support.  To take things to the next level, however, we need data.  Data that allows an impartial analysis of the claims process and where we make difference.

With the right data, MKC and our clients further reduce waste and instead amp up the practices that save our clients time, lower expenses and reduce risk across the board.  This is why having data is so important.

Let me know what you think

Here’s my email —  I’ll get back to you ASAP, and we’ll set something up.  You might also want to check out MKC’s web site (it’s new!) and blog —