By Laura B. Duhamel, RN BSN, CLNC

My first blog was about the role of the nurse as a teacher.  The other side of that coin is the nurse as a pupil.

As a nurse, my teachers include patients (and their families), colleagues, doctors, attorneys and other nurses.  While a new Legal Nurse Consultant may have years of bedside experience, learning to apply that knowledge in the legal arena has a learning curve that needs teachers and mentors.  The more seasoned LNC can also learn and gain a different perspective from a new nurse and their fresh eyes.

It’s important to acknowledge that the teacher/pupil relationship is always evolving.  It also helps to keep it positive.  We teach ourselves through the research we do in the role of a LNC as we help our clients understand the medical issues in their cases.

No one knows everything, and even things that are “concrete” can change. Who would have thought that the ABC’s of CPR would have changed? It is all about circulation these days.  A good pupil must be open to new ideas and new ways to achieve the same goals.

This means not becoming defensive when a new idea is proposed that challenges  the “usual” way of doing things. Fresh thoughts might be game changing in a given situation.

So, be open to new knowledge and listen to your fellow nurses.  They may have experiences in which you have not shared.  Learning is a never ending delight of life.  Be the object that the “point of light” shines on!!!

Laura B. Duhamel, RN BSN, CLNC is a legal nurse consultant with MKC Medical Management. You may contact her at or 865-551-6800.