I started my LNC career many years ago, back in 1994. Back then legal nurse consulting was still relatively new, and there were not many practicing LNC’s.   I actually began reviewing cases for a few adjuster friends who wanted “help” with understanding the medical records in their claims files.  Right from the beginning I realized I LOVED the work.  It was very challenging and really fit with my personality and thought processes.

Being a LNC is much like being a detective- a file has many puzzle pieces that have to be sorted out, and then put in to some sort of cohesive order.  I also like the opportunity to help attorneys and adjusters with specific medical questions.  I take great delight in the satisfaction of unraveling a particularly difficult case, and helping to achieve my client goals.

Over the years, I developed a unique reporting style that my clients have grown to rely on.  Through ongoing, advanced education, and work opportunities, I have continued to improve my work product.  Many of my current clients have been with me since the beginning, over 15 years ago.  They have richly affected and influenced my career and work products.  Many of the MKC current products and services are a direct response to individual client requests.   I have also shared some my reporting techniques and styles with other nurses along the way, and I continue to be dedicated to helping other nurses who want to broaden their skill sets.

I guess the bottom line is that I am passionate about helping others, both professionally and personally.  I like being my own boss, and independent to set my own schedule. And yes, I am one of those crazy small business owners who takes work on vacation to meet a deadline, and will usually always answer the phone!  The other really great thing is- I love what I do!   I have been blessed to work in this industry for many years, and hope that I will be able to enjoy many more to come!

I invite you to come along on this blogging journey with me, and begin some interactive feedback and dialogue. I hope you find the blog to be educational, informative and useful. Also, please let me know issues or topics that you would like to learn more about.