Celebrating 2016, ready for what 2017 brings

Last year was a busy year for MKC Medical Management.

In 2016, we saw a 15 percent increase in business, thanks to multiple newaccounts coming on board and increased referrals from our existing client base.

Along with more clients, our roster of employees also is expanding. We now have 10 legal nurse consultants working for us either as full or part-time contractors.

Some have been with us for six years, when we started actively working to grow MKC’s presence. Our newest hire came on board four months ago. All are experienced registered nurses who, together, bring decades of experience in medicine. In fact, after so many years hiring such capable LNCs, I recently shared some tips in Attorney at Law Magazine.

And we take our job seriously. Being an MKC LNC is a demanding job with a steep learning curve. We require excellence and continuing education. We meet virtually a couple of times each month to analyze and discuss reports.

We’re not surprised by last year’s growth. As medical tests, health records and treatments become more complex, attorneys and claims adjusters are turning to us more often to help them ferret out the most important details of their cases and claims. Emergency room records, especially, are critical to building a solid case, but are growing in complexity and difficult for a layperson to fully understand.

In fact, 2017, already, is shaping up to be big.

Business is up nearly 30 percent over the same time last year as we work to increase referrals and gain visibility across the industry. In the past several months, you may have seen our articles in prominent publications such as Property Casualty 360. Our article, “10 red flags that could signal fraud for vehicle accidents,” was the fifth most popular article on Property Casualty 360’s website in January.

We look forward to all of the possibilities and continued opportunities in store for MKC Medical Management in 2017. And we are eager to help our clients – new and existing – get to the bottom of the claims and cases on their desks.

Let us know how we can help you.