An LNC can give you the winning edge you need.

Thanks to television courtroom dramas and the 24-hour live news cycle, we’re all familiar with expert witnesses.  Perhaps none are more dramatic than medical experts who, when they take the stand, can make or break a case.  Though these moments make for exciting TV, in actuality, no one from either side of the room relishes landing in court.  While doctors are certainly well versed in their field of medical practice, few have much practical experience in the field of law.  When you add a Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) to your legal team, you gain an invaluable asset with specialized insights in both arenas — and, LNCs do most of their work behind the scenes—where it really counts.

TOP Reasons To Add a Certified LNC To Your Legal Team 

Time is Money—Save Both

An LNC is both cost- and time-effective.  Whether the LNC conducts a pre-trial screening of complex medical records, or reviews medication and therapeutic treatment protocols, her dual knowledge of medical and legal procedures provides that intangible edge for your team – an edge that could mean the difference between winning and losing. LNCs act as “medical interpreters” to both distill and translate the technical issues that are critical to all phases of your case— arbitration, deposition, mediation, validating case merits, fraud detection, pre-trial preparation.  This leaves your staff free to focus on the core legal tasks and prep.

Merits of the Case—Build a Solid Case 

No matter how many times those outside the legal field see contracts and other legally binding instruments, it’s always prudent and recommended that an attorney review the documents before any signatures find their way to the page. Likewise, even though you may have a strong knowledge of medical terminology, treatment strategies, and medication protocols due to your prior litigation experience, there’s still a significant chance you may miss something critical to the case buried in (or missing from) the medical records.

You don’t want to pay the high fees commanded by medical doctors to review the medical aspects of your case file – save your physician expert, and the fees associated with his services, for in-person testimony before the judge at trial, for expert deposition OR for a laser pointed desk review/consultation. A certified LNC can handle all aspects of case review and claim/file validation behind-the-scenes.

A qualified LNC possesses a deep working knowledge of medical and associated case terminology as well as causality, case merit, and expert witness selection expertise. Bring an LNC in to review the merits of a case before using scarce and costly resources before case merit is unequivocally established.  In addition, the LNC report/work product is very different and should give a broader view of the case, with highlight on the many details of the case.

On Call and at Your Service

LNCs not only understand the subtle nuances of medical records, proper documentation, and industry standards and practice but they also remain on the forefront of advances in medical technology and research.  Like your own secret ingredient for winning and succeeding, your LNC only shows up as needed. Your legal team can perform their core duties with the peace of mind that an LNC brings to the team. No more losing money. No more losing professional ground. No more missing puzzle pieces. This legal-medical partnership ensures that your case is as solid as a rock.

Risk Aversion—Dollars Saved 

Because of their robust knowledge of all phases of medical treatment and injury causality and keen familiarity with legal implications of injuries and subsequent medical treatment, your risk—and that of your case—is at a minimum.  LNCs are detail-oriented professionals with a resourcefulness and access to certain key personnel in a wide variety of industry.  Whether poring over the minutiae of complex medical records or tracking down the penultimate expert witness to bolster your case, an LNC is the MVP on your team.

Is there a reason not to consider using the services of a properly qualified LNC? Sure. You’ve won too many cases, you’re tired of being the star, and the other guy needs a chance to run the show.

Next time you face an important case, ask yourself:  Can I afford not to have a competitive edge?  Case closed.

photo credit: istockphoto dot com