Solving a client’s problems ­– such as reducing service costs and upping provider performance ­ — depends on getting a handle on the client’s needs.

John Moberly, our new VP for Business Development, gets it.  He understands that all clients want someone who’ll help solve their problems and make their lives easier.  Plus, he’s a nice guy.  That’s a client satisfaction attitude that has been a cornerstone of our growth for nearly 30 years.

John shared a recent client story that illustrates this.  It’s about an international service provider in the transportation sector, a company that had a service-delivery concern in its U.S. market.

He learned that the company was getting complaints from one of its key customers –­ a Top 10 state department of transportation –­ about the company’s poor level of service from its provider network.  Over the course of an on-going conversation with his client, John heard about the company’s needs…about how its provider network did not have a true nationwide solution with the latest communication technology or service quality standards.

That’s when John engineered a solution in collaboration with his client.  John’s team put together a tactical program that harnessed web-based service performance metrics that were regularly communicated and managed.  In addition, John recommended higher provider intake metrics along with the use of incentives to amp up customer response rates.

The bottom-line result?  John’s client reduced its service-delivery costs 20-30% and upped customer feedback when it deployed the improvements he recommended.


Our insurance, trucking, and retail clients — as well as our clients in other industries — rely on MKC Medical Management for the same listening and creative problem-solving skills that John used with the company in this story.  Since our founding nearly 30 years ago, we’ve learned that keeping clients satisfied requires strong technical skills, solid analytical training and experience and a practical understanding of the client’s business and industry.