I recently got some welcome news from Pat Iyer, a leader in Legal Nurse Consulting and the publisher for the last four years of Legal Nurse Podcasts, one of many resources devoted to our industry.  Pat wrote to inform me that the interview she conducted with me — and published August 12, 2019 – has become one of her most popular Legal Nurse Podcasts!

Entitled Defending Claims: The View of an Experienced LNC, Kari Williamson, my interview covered several key topics, including…

  • What are the skills you see as being critical to an LNC?
  • What are myths people have about legal nurse consulting?
  • What is the most memorable case you ever worked on, and why?
  • What are the tips, tricks and secrets of being a legal nurse consultant?
  • If you had the chance to start your career over, what would you do differently?

Have a listen yourself by clicking on https://podcast.legalnursebusiness.com/45809/defending-claims-the-view-of-an-experienced-lnc-kari-williamson/

I highly recommend that you subscribe to Pat’s Legal Nurse Podcasts — https://podcast.legalnursebusiness.com/.  She writes, “We’re in our 5th year, have released 450 episodes and have listeners in 81 countries.

“Our most recent podcast bundles, which we are releasing this week, include your show (in the Stories bundle). The bundle includes your audio file and show notes. We also offer workbooks, which have your transcript, fill in the blank questions about your content, and answers.”

Thanks, Pat!


PS:  Along a similar vein, an article of mine — A nurse review validates a client’s understanding of an MVA-related claim — was recently published in the Trucking Industry Defense Association (TIDA) Quarterly Newsletter: Spring 2021.  Thanks to Mark Perkins, Esq., the newsletter’s Editor in Chief.

According to Pat Iyer, my August 2019 interview with Pat is one of the top Legal Nurse Podcast.  It’s at https://podcast.legalnursebusiness.com/45809/defending-claims-the-view-of-an-experienced-lnc-kari-williamson/.