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We deliver precise, summary descriptions of injuries, ED services, hospitalizations, tests and treatments along with other key information, including medical summaries, bill audits, lifecare plans, and case management reports.

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With over 30 years of experience, we’ll make sure you have what you need to meet your goals clearly and concisely.

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You need trusted partners you can count on to fully evaluate the medical aspect of a claim…from start to finish. What are the strengths and weaknesses?


Mastering medical records, lifecare plans, bill audits, and case management requires training and experience. With our expert, technical team, we have it covered.

Tight timetable?

We’re a coordinated team. So no matter what the issue, timetable or question, we meet tight deadlines with our staff of nurses.

MKC is an invaluable member of our team. They provided us with clear, concise, and thorough bill reviews. I have used MKC as a nurse reviewer and bill auditor, and their work is impeccable.

Business executive and MKC client

Be Prepared

The truth of a medical bill or claim often hinges on highly technical medical facts and analyses. Success means using experts with proven, medical knowledge, perspective, training, and claims experience.

Clear, Focused Analysis

MKC Medical Management is an industry leader, providing attorneys, claims adjusters and payors with medical summaries, medical chronologies, bates numbering, record organization, claim weakness and strengths identified along with review and analysis for difficult bills, cases and claims of all sizes and types.

Proven Effective Results

After thousands of reviews of medical legal cases and bills, we’ve earned a reputation for bottom-line results and outstanding service delivery. We build client relationships through a team approach, while each client receives individualized, experienced consultation.

Summarize Medical Info

We deliver medical data organized in an accurate chronology with embedded nurse comments throughout, critical data points identified, mechanism of injury noted, and case concerns reported.

Focus on Critical Details

With over 25 years of experience, we know what helps your bottom line. We’ll protect you against overpaying, providing detailed report formats and overviews customized to a client’s individual needs, including use of CaseMap and TimeMap from LexisNexis.

Put You in a Stronger Position

No one wants to be caught underprepared. With our training, expert experience and deep bench, you have everything you need.

Should you hire MKC?

We’ve got some tips for you.

Should you hire MKC? We’ve got some tips for you.

What makes MKC so valuable?

For over 30 years, MKC Medical Management has been an industry leader, providing clients with medical bill review and analysis.

Seamless & Accessible
We’re open 24/7 with a coordinated team.

Respected Experts
Our team includes highly-credentialed professionals who understand the complexities of medical claims, bill reviews, audits and negotiations.

Industry Leaders in Analysis & Reports
Our reports are client-focused, with formats that make finding and understanding critical pieces of information easy.

The critical importance of reading progress notes

This nurse review related to a trip-and-fall injury.  A simple trip and fall developed into Avascular necrosis (AVN).  The claimant reported tripping and falling onto her left shoulder, sustaining a left comminuted, non-displaced fracture of the humeral...

When age becomes a key factor in a claim

While the records in this case lined up with the complaints, the claim was deemed excessive because of the claimant's age and her pre-existing history. First, here's what happened.  The claimant ­­-- an 81-year-old female ­--­ was injured when a truck struck her...

Case study: When delay and overtreatment figure into an MVA claim

The nurse reviewer in this case spotted several inconsistencies in this tractor-trailer related personal injury. Upon analysis, these raised red flags about the soundness of the claim. The matter involved a 55-year-old male who was the restrained driver of a tractor...

Who We Are

Understanding complex medical and bills requires technical, medical expertise. MKC Medical Management has grown from one nurse to a seamless, nationwide network of medical professionals.

What We Do

MKC Medical Management’s team has been helping businesses with complex, medically-related bills and claims for over 25 years.

What We Think

Our professionals speak and publish frequently on the complex medical issues facing business executives, lawyers, insurance claims adjusters, and others dealing with claims and medical bills.

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