Connecting Medical & Legal Matters

LNC Products

Premier Legal Nurse Consulting Products

Full LNC Report

A detailed, in-depth report addressing preexisting conditions, medical event chronology, billing analysis, commentary, conclusions and recommendations.

Budget Review

A condensed LNC format style that utilizes bullet points without sacrificing the in-depth analysis. Perfect for a budget!

One Shot Email Reviews (OSER)

Simplified LNC opinion of an incident that does not require an in-depth analysis or lengthy report.

Quick Hit Onsite Review (QHOR)

Onsite, one-on-one file review and round table discussions with adjusters and attorneys.

Premier Chronology Products

CaseMap® Chronology Premiere

Chronology generated through CaseMap® software, which is able to capture, sort and link various items of the medical record.

Chronology P.S.

MKC can take your existing chronology created by your paralegal team and add LNC comments to ensure critical medical nuances of the chronology are not overlooked.