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What Our Clients Say

MKC Integrity As a practicing attorney who handles personal injury cases, I understand the importance of working with only those individuals who have proven themselves knowledgeable in the medical profession and who have demonstrated that they poses the necessary ethical qualities.

I have had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Williamson while she has served as a medical consultant for some of our clients. While working with our firm, Mrs. Williamson has shown herself to be extremely knowledgeable in her field, and she has assisted us in resolving challenging medical issues in a relatively short time frame. Mrs. Williamson has not only demonstrated that she has outstanding analytical skills, but she has also shown the ability to promptly resolve medical issues while remaining composed and professional.

In addition to being extremely knowledgeable in her field, Mrs. Williamson has also shown that she possesses  the personal characteristics necessary to uphold the integrity of the medical profession. Mrs. Williamson has shown that she is honest, ethical and that she maintains high moral standards.


I have had the opportunity to work with Kari and MKC over the last few years. The medical reviews by Kari and her co-workers have been extremely helpful in evaluating our claims. The reviews provide medical insight and point out discrepancies or issues. Kari is also very responsive and on several occasions I have called or emailed her for assistance on a medical issue while in the midst of a mediation. She is always able to assist and is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Kari and her team.

Claims Management 

Kari Williamson consistently demonstrates unprecedented clinical expertise, diplomacy and professionalism while  managing multidisciplinary care teams to achieve the highest clinical outcome possible.

Medical Equipment Provider

As the Auto Insurance Program Officer for the State, I had the good fortune to utilize Kari Williamson at MK Consulting for a period of over 10 years. While the state has excellent adjusters to resolve their Auto Liability claims, we found that, at times, we did not have the proper medical and analytical skills to work through some of the more complicated treatment histories we encountered.

Ms Williamson offered that expertise as an extension of our staff. We did not hesitate to forward a claim to her, knowing that we would quickly have a detailed explanation of what the treatment was, whether it was reasonable, and whether it met the normal standard of care requirements.

We often used this data in mediations very successfully.

I have now moved over to another department with the state, but I know that MK Consulting continues to be an excellent resource for our claims department.

Director, Office of Fleet Management, Department of Administrative Services

Kari Williamson is an invaluable member of our litigation team. In cases involving soft tissue injuries as well as those with catastrophic injuries, Kari has provided us with clear, concise, and thorough summaries of the medical records, and keen insight into the medical issues we need to master before deposition and trial. I have used Kari as a nurse consultant for over 15  years and her work has always been impeccable.


For the last ten years I have had the pleasure of working with Kari Williamson, and I cannot say enough about the quality of her work. When I have stacks of medical related to a claim I am handling, I send them on to Kari for review and for a simple explanation of what I am looking at. She utilizes her expertise in the nursing field, as well as a variety of contacts in all areas of medicine, to assist in her review and synopsis. Her reports are concise, easy to understand and they always make the process of reviewing and evaluating a serious claim so much simpler for me. She has reviewed everything from closed head injury cases, to multiple fractures, to claims of post traumatic stress. I feel that Kari has saved my company lots of money, and that she is invaluable in the claim review process. Add to this the economics of her cost per claim, and the “bottom line” is that she is worth every penny we pay for her superb work.

I would recommend Kari Williamson, and her company to any claims professional in need of such a service.

VP of Claims

Ms. Kari Williamson and I have worked together for over 10 years and this has proven to be the most professional and rewarding relationship anyone could hope to find. I find her competence to be far above the usual and her devotion to producing a quality work-product is truly gratifying. I can recommend her, without reservation, to any and all that may have need of her services.


Kari is a true professional. She has a broad based background allowing her to assist in making real world decisions in a timely manner. A real resource for a claims person.

Claims Supervisor