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Your competitive advantage

Understanding complex medical facts requires battle-tested medical expertise. If you’re going to war, it pays to have a weapon that gets the job done.

The truth of an injury claim often hinges on highly technical medical facts and analyses. Winning means using experts with proven, first-hand medical knowledge, perspective, training and experience.

So, hire the experts. For nearly 20 years, MKC Medical Management has been an industry  leader, providing attorneys and claims adjusters with across-the-board medical review and analysis for difficult cases and claims of all sizes and types.

Our training, experience and focus set us apart.

More competent

A trained and experienced Legal Nurse Consultant will spot things in the medical record or history of a case that an attorney, paralegal or claims adjuster will probably miss (unless they’re also a qualified physician or nurse).

Seamless & Accessible

Our company is open 24/7. Contact one of us and you’ve accessed all of us. We’re a coordinated team. So no matter what the issue or question, we have the resources in place to respond to you quickly, accurately and confidently.

We have you covered, technically

With our extensive experience, we’re staffed according to which medical specialties do you the most good.

Efficient & Affordable

We operate as a virtual company, delivering more value instead of spending our clients’ money on overhead.

Respected Experts

Our team comprises highly-credentialed professionals who understand the complexities medical claims — litigated and non-litigated.

Industry Leaders in Analysis & Reports

Our reports are customized, with unique report formats that make finding and understanding critical pieces of information easy.

Consider the edge that a team of multi-disciplinary medical experts offers you.

Practical insights

“Kari Williamson is an invaluable member of our litigation team. Kari has provided us with clear, concise, and thorough summaries of the medical records, and keen insight into the medical issues we need to master before deposition and trial. I have used Kari as a nurse consultant for over 15 years, and her work has always been impeccable.” —Attorney

“Kari is a claim professional’s go-to person on medical issues. Her work is well thought out, punctual and an asset to claim resolution. If an issue is outside her area of expertise, she has the network to get you to someone who can help.” — Claims Representative