What Am I?

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What Am I?   I am reviewer of records…all kinds of medical records from all kinds of providers. I am registered nurse with additional education in the legal field. amercially reasonable mannersame day loans bad credit no fees I have YEARS of being an active nurse provider in the clinical, insurance and legal arenas I know medical terminology, and can read and understand an operative report. I create medical summaries and chronologies. I help with causality issues and injury-medical relatedness questions. I search for medical/nurse experts across the country. I analyze medical records and documentation. I consult with adjusters and attorneys about liability issues. I use critical thinking and knowledge to help resolve claims and file issues.   I read and write reports….ALOT I do medical literature research I have to know and understand the insurance legal arenas …and the list goes on. What am I? A seasoned Legal Nurse...

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Physician Reviews vs Legal Nurse Consultant Reviews

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Many attorneys and claims adjusters automatically think that a medical expert is needed to assist with their case.  And while this can be true, the fact of the matter is, a legal nurse consultant is likely your best option for analysis of a medical record.  A LNC can help unlock the questions, and find the buried information within a medical record.  In more cases, than not, a LNC can help to establish the information that can build a case, support or refute a claim, and provide a detailed review of the record-thus often eliminating the need for physician review.  My personal practice experience bears this out.  I would say that over 98% of the final MKC work products are nurse review cases, though many do not start out that way. To determine what YOU need, here are a few helpful hints and information: Determine what the goal of the reviewer/consultant is.  Do you need a summary or synopsis of the entire record?  Do you need a detailed chronology?  Do you need very pointed answers to a specific set of questions? average credit loans Most physician reviewers are unable to generate a detailed chronology- mainly because it is too time consuming and costly. The cost for a physician reviewer vs. a legal nurse consultant will be dramatically different.  It may be cost prohibitive for a physician reviewer to review an entire record. Use a physician advisor for pointed review issues and/or direct peer input. The scope of the LNC work product is much broader, yet still captures the important AND many details of the medical record.  Remember that the most important function of a nurse is to be well-versed in a multitude of skills and knowledge that surround and involve patient care.  These areas include anatomy and physiology, medical AND nursing practices, bedside care, medications, ancillary departments, and lab work, just to name a few.  This broad knowledge base translates in to an invaluable tool for the litigation team. A legal nurse consultant is well equipped to know and understand the workings of a variety of health care settings, how intra-disciplines work together, and better understand the nuances of nursing care. A legal nurse consultant will review the entire case in great detail, and provide you with a working road map of exactly what is needed with the case. Obviously, this road map may include input from physician advisors, but the LNC road map will help you pinpoint the most appropriate medical specialty, and provide an overall view of the case.   A legal nurse consultant review and report will look at the record as a whole, while still detailing specific issues, strengthens and weaknesses.  More times than not, there are...

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I started my LNC career many years ago, back in 1994. Back then legal nurse consulting was still relatively new, and there were not many practicing LNC’s.   I actually began reviewing cases for a few adjuster friends who wanted “help” with understanding the medical records in their claims files.  Right from the beginning I realized I LOVED the work.  It was very challenging and really fit with my personality and thought processes. Being a LNC is much like being a detective- a file has many puzzle pieces that have to be sorted out, and then put in to some sort of cohesive order.  I also like the opportunity to help attorneys and adjusters with specific medical questions.  I take great delight in the satisfaction of unraveling a particularly difficult case, and helping to achieve my client goals. Over the years, I developed a unique reporting style that my clients have grown to rely on.  Through ongoing, advanced education, and work opportunities, I have continued to improve my work product.  Many of my current clients have been with me since the beginning, over 15 years ago.  They have richly affected and influenced my career and work products.  Many of the MKC current products and services are a direct response to individual client requests.   I have also shared some my reporting techniques and styles with other nurses along the way, and I continue to be dedicated to helping other nurses who want to broaden their skill sets. I guess the bottom line is that I am passionate about helping others, both professionally and personally.  I like being my own boss, and independent to set my own schedule. And yes, I am one of those crazy small business owners who takes work on vacation to meet a deadline, and will usually always answer the phone!  The other really great thing is- I love what I do!   I have been blessed to work in this industry for many years, and hope that I will be able to enjoy many more to come! I invite you to come along on this blogging journey with me, and begin some interactive feedback and dialogue. I hope you find the blog to be educational, informative and useful. Also, please let me know issues or topics that you would like to learn more...

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